a. Who we are: Our CEO’s kids needed to buy a cheap used car for cash. That research became the foundation for his Master’s thesis which became WiseRides.com. In Oct of 2014 he added two co-founders: one focusing on sales and one focusing on operations. As a team and with the help of buyers and sellers we redesigned the company. In April 2015 we were accepted into the inaugural class Bunker Incubator in Austin, Texas. In May of 2015 we rebranded our company from WiseRides.com to Wise Rides.
b. What we do: Wise Rides is the nationwide marketplace for used vehicles. We educate buyers who are unfamiliar with used vehicle market. We also create an inventory platform for honest local independent car dealers and other partners servicing the used vehicle market.
c. How we do it: We are a content driven company. We teach classes, write blogs, and help independent dealers compete on the world wide web. We also do unusual things like auto delete postings after 30 days and auto filter searches to within 50 miles. We aren’t looking to win awards for the most page visits or paying someone to “like” our company. We believe in quality of quantity.